May 27, 2008

Bits and pieces of a long weekend

I have nothing specific to write about today, just some odds and ends from the weekend:

My friend Heartsong let me know the answer to my question about where Prince Caspian was filmed. She said, "The movie was filmed in New Zealand (for the mountains, ocean, and water scenes) and in various Eastern European countries (for the forests). I know one of those countries was Slovenia. Gorgeous and unspoiled." Thanks Heartsong!

This weekend the weather was gorgeously, outrageously in the 60's and 70's! Just a week earlier it had hit 111ºF. I had gotten a nasty germ in my nose the end of last week, so I was home most of the long, cool weekend nursing my horrible nose and a congested cough. Still we spent a lot of time sitting out on the patio enjoying the cool respite before the hot settles in. Packing lots of tissues and cough drops, we went to graduation parties and watched National Treasure 2, and of course went to see Prince Caspian. I seemed to gravitate back to my bed a lot. I was so tired! My eyes were only slightly open and not quite focused much of the time and when I tried to talk, I was feeling kind of like Jason Castro when he sang, Tambourine Man and forgot the lyrics. Kinda like, en doot doo doot en wahwah hmmm. yep.

Monday we had some friends over for dinner. We knew them way back in the days when we lived in New Jersey. They have lived in Phoenix for two years and are now moving to Atlanta. In New Jersey, we were young married couples, just beginning to have children. Our now 18 year olds were both within a few weeks of each other. Now we are comfortable middle aged married couples raising teenagers and sending them off one by one out into the world. We're sad to see them go, but it seems like friends are season-ish these days and if you can get two good seasons of having them close to you, you're doing better than average. We will continue our Christmas letter friendship now and keep up with details at least. =)

One last thing. My friend Michele, who runs a blog called, Laundromat wrote a very good article in a local paper where she lives, on what it's like to be known as a 'pastor's wife' (or rather she wrote it about not wanting to be known as the 'pastor's wife'). The title of PW comes with a lot of preconceptions and expectations. And although she (nor I) are ashamed to BE the pastor's wife, we want first of all to be known as a person, able to blend in to a group without people wigging out or playing nice. I thought I'd share it with you and try to further UNstereotype the pastor's wife. We are just people, like you. We're just married to the pastor....who is also just a you. Shocking, I know. ;) The Church Wife.


joannmski said...

Oh, I would say after last weekend that a nice long rest is in order!!

I hear ya about not being ashamed to be the pastor's wife but I don't think I want to be known as a person first... I think I just don't want to be known at all... hehehe just kiddin, it's the introverted PW corner over here :-)

Ash Fork Painter said...

I liked the article The Church Wife.
Last Sunday, Allen preached at 2 churches & at the first one, I was introduced as "The pastor's wife for a day" brought back my memory of my mother watching on TV, Queen for a Day!
Except I didn't feel like a queen, necessarily...