June 27, 2007

Oh for the love of puppies!

We got a puppy.

She is a ball of fuzz, off white (champagne) fur, apricot ears. A bichon/poo with gangly long legs and button eyes and nose! If she sees her brush, she will pick it up and bring it to you, singing 'Heaven....Heaven....I'm in Heaven when you brush my tummyyyyy'.

She is hilarious. She thinks there is another puppy in the backroom at night because of her reflection in the sliding glass door. It makes her do a quick double take when she passes the door and barks in surprise to see a fuzzy face peering back at her. She does a little puppy growl and leaps toward it, only to dart away down the hall in case she's made 'it' mad. She also tries to sneak up and steal her puppy training pad and carry it away from the puppy in the window. I don't know why, I guess it makes her nervous to be 'watched'. Right now she is sitting at my side staring at the door, her ears going up and down with each little noise she hears.

She is a control freak. She loves her toys we bought her. If they are spread out, she nabs them and brings them to her towel on the floor, where she puts them in a pile. Then she lies down on top of them and attacks any little parts sticking out.

She also has a need to pee on newsprint. At first we put down a 'puppy training pad' but she went over to our sunday paper and peed on the edge of it. So now we have to lay it ON the puppy training pad. It is a very good thing that Charles bought a Sunday newspaper because I think we will use every piece of it!

She has a crate. I think whoever invented crate training should get an award.....a great big shiny award. I love them. Whenever we have to leave the house or want to go swimming or go to bed, we put the long leggedy fuzz ball in her crate (cage). She whimpers and howls for a few minutes, then settles down to puppy dream land.

The only bad thing about having a new puppy is the 24/7 care it requires. All day I think about puppy things.

Is the puppy in the room with me?
Is she on the carpet?
Is she pooping?
Is she peeing?
Is it time to feed her the 2 tablespoons of canned puppy food? (warmed up in the microwave for 11 second)
Time to go out
Time to come in
Time to play so she'll be tired
Time to be tired because she loves to play
Is she nibbling the guests children?
Why is she looking at me that way?
Pick her up
Put her down
Carry her to the bathroom with me.....every time.
Throw the ball
Toss the plastic egg (oh this she loves)
Make her toy friends talk to her (it makes her very angry and growly)
Play tug of war with her sock
Make the children run so puppy will chase and use energy
Where is the puppy?

Gee, it's a good thing she's so cute! (pics soon, I promise)

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