June 10, 2007

God bless Rovenki

My husband is off to Ukraine in Russia today. He is with one other man from our church and a group of people based from San Antonio, Texas. They are taking a curriculum over to Ukraine to equip pastors there to teach about church unity. Charles and his partner will be in a church in the city of Rovenki, Ukraine. The link is to a tourist's photographs of that city....very interesting!

We miss him, but I'm so glad that he got to go on this mission adventure, to another culture on the other side of the world, to help train pastors. I think mission trips like this are as much for the missionary team members as they are for the people they go to help.

When we say, "Yes, Lord. I will go." He teaches us things we would never have learned otherwise....

....like faith and trust.
....like obedience and submission.
....like hearing His voice and knowing that voice is speaking to YOU.

Please pray for their health, stamina, understanding/communication with people and for the Holy Spirit to work:
....in the hearts of the people there.
....and in the lives of the mission team members.

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