August 22, 2005

Divine design

Have you ever stood back and gazed at a brand, spanking new car and admired in awe how it just ‘happened’…! After billions of years, this metal came together to form an engine that makes it run, all bolts, belts and converter thingies in the precise places that make the car able to be driven by human beings. Why, even the inside of the car has a perfectly formed seat for our tush, some even capable of holding a whole family of tushes! Some are more evolved than others of course, which is consistent with the theories of evolution. It amazes us, doesn’t it?

Of course it doesn’t. No one in their right minds would think that a car just happened…it is a complex system of parts that work together in just the right way. That would never happen without a maker, a designer. Yet our schools , universities, and some (not all) of our leading scientists are telling people that our world, more complex and intricately designed than any car, simply evolved….oh, it took a long, long time they say, but they are trying to make us believe that it just happened. I refuse to give in to popular thought on this. Evolution is a theory, not a solid piece of evidence exists to support the theory. And while no hard evidence exists to prove the creation theory either, the cellular structure of the earth, the precise things that happen to make the earth a balanced and valid atmosphere for human life is amazingly, undeniably by design.

There is no question in my mind about the existence of God. It’s obvious to me that the Universe down to the smallest part of a cell was created, not an accident, that it is planned, designed. Everything in nature has order and purpose, including us as human beings. The Bible tells us that God created humans in the image of God….meaning, I believe, that we are different from plants and animals in that we can reason. We see beyond food and bodily function to relationship, character and self-control. We can plan, create and think of others before ourselves.

Not only are we different from plants and animals, we are even different from each other. He designed our physical bodies to function so well, everything working together like clockwork. But He also designed our minds, our personalities, our purposes. Scientists are finding that we are not only shaped by our environment, but that people have a set personality from birth. We are programmed, wired, designed to be a certain way. And amazingly enough differing personalities work together to make the world a create, well run place to live. One of the most comprehensive personality tests is the Myers Briggs temperament sorter.

I first took the sorter 16 years ago as a young married adult. It is the one most helpful thing we have done as a married couple to learn to understand and appreciate each other. And it helps to accept and understand other relationships I have with people too. My friends, the family members I grew up with, my children, coworkers, church members….all have personalities that I sometimes find difficult to get along with, irritating and hard to understand….because they are different than me. They don’t do things the ways I like to do them….they think differently about how to relate to their world, how to learn, make decisions, and how they like their world ordered…or disordered.

One of the most helpful things I’ve learned through this is that just because others don’t do things the way I think is best, they are not necessarily wrong, they are just different. So I try to sit back and observe people to see how they are wired now, to hopefully appreciate how they think, how God designed their personalities. Because of lessons I’ve learned and because it helps so much in relating to other people in my life, I think it’s one of the most valuable things I could pass on. But I’m not an expert, so I’m just going to give a websight and let the experts speak.

Here is a free online personality test. Remember, be honest. Choose the answers that really express who you usually are and not what you think is an ideal answer. At the end of the test, press the submit button and it will give you a 4 letter synopsis of your personality. Follow the links to study about your personality.

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