April 30, 2013

Yard life

We have spent time lately out on our little deck by a big juniper tree. The songbirds here are all over the place, so we've been watching them. (and they watch us) So one day Charles got out his iphone and opened an application from Audubon Guides called Birds.

He started trying to figure out what kinds of birds we had in the trees around us by finding their calls. He would play the call and soon we noticed the calls around us were closer and closer. We were being closely monitored with fly-by agents and reconnaissance spies in the branches around us. It was hilarious, but I had to be quiet because it was so much fun.

The Mountain Chickadee answers back when you imitate and the Juniper Titmouse came right up to us, within 3 feet of our chairs to investigate, a look of shock to see what weird birds we were. I was holding Maisy in my lap and she just trembled with anticipation of what that bird would do as they locked eyes with each other. Then he abruptly flew off. Maisy just sighed. No one wants to be her friend. ;)

And that's the news from the animal kingdom here.

Charles did find a snake in the front yard yesterday. It was shortish and brown but had no rattle, so he let it slither off to eat gophers.
(I am shamelessly cheering him on in that)

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