April 6, 2013

One more week

Since Easter we have been in full on packing, sorting and pitching out mode.

We've also been to a different person's home or taken out to eat each day since then.

We have one more week in Phoenix before moving to Albuquerque.

It is getting sad to think of leaving our dear family and friends here, so I probably won't be posting much unless there is something encouraging to share. I mean, it's all been encouraging, just hard....kind of the same processing, over and over, with each group or family. And that's okay, this is part of it and we want to do it well.

Tonight we went to our future son in law's parents' home. They had family in from out of town and one of their daughters is expecting a baby, so it was a fun, happy night. They are Romanian and it's a very family upon family affectionate and close bond when they all get together. We were blessed to be a part of it.

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