April 15, 2013

Moving Day

Well...I had a few What. Are. We. Doing!? moments this morning but once we rolled out of the driveway I was fine. Leaving our kids behind was a strange moment. Leaving didn't feel real until we were in the highway and a certain John Denver song came on. (When driving Charles' truck you have to listen to his CDs) He was singing,

Friends, I will remember you
Think of you
Pray for you
And when another day is through
I'll still be friends with you.

I started thinking about our time here and realized we have invested more of our hearts here than anywhere else. There has been flooooods of water under this bridge, folks. So many things we got to do, things we got to witness in people's lives, and best of all, so many dear, dear friends we've collected here. It's a beautiful collection. I could barely stop hugging some of them this morning when we were trying to leave.

Charles said this past week that part of leaving well is saying good-bye well. I hope we did. We love our friends and family here.

I will try to update after we arrive in our new location, but we won't have  Internet until at least Thursday and trying to type well on Charles' iPhone is making me nutsy!

On to new things...


Cheryl said...

Love you guys!!!!! Until we meet again. . .

Sheri said...

Be safe. Love you and miss you already.

Kismint said...

Waita go John Denver.

Jodiyersister said...

Get your guest room ready! Our Mom is itching for a road trip. I can't believe it's been 16 years since you moved to Arizona, pregnant with Maggie! Now she is such a beautiful young woman, as are all your girls. Time stands still for a while when you're young, then gains momentum and seems to go faster every year. We miss you so much!

Love, Jodi