July 29, 2010

Quelimane, Mozambique

Smooth sailing on Wednesday morning as we made our way to Quelimane from Maputo. The plane we flew on was a little (lot) larger than the tiny prop plane the previous day. Mostly filled with Africans, there were a few missionary types as well as business people on board. So far the Africans we have seen are as western looking as we are, that was surprising. There were noticeably less things like ipods and laptops on this flight and I felt kind of uncomfortable getting mine out, but I did. Simon and Garfunkel were my private soundtrack to this leg of the trip and as I listened to Bridge Over Troubled Water and Homeward Bound, I said a silent prayer for these people to know the Savior.

As we landed, we realized we were not in Quelimane but Charles recognized it as Tete. Like a bus we stopped to let people off and on except we all had to disembark while the transfer took place. While we were waiting we met a missionary from Cape Town, who was coming to Quelimane for a week to help with a project here. She said she had actually been praying for the Johnsons because their church knew of his accident. So we introduced her to the Johnsons, she was full of compassion and I think it was a meaningful connection to meet a random person who had been praying for them.

After three days of travel, the Dina family looked like angels standing at the gate to meet us. We kind of air hugged through the fence, and they took us and all the luggage in two cars back to their home. Orlando and Sobrinio two of the pastors John Dina is close to were at the house to meet us. They were quiet and somber, talking a little bit through John's interpretation. These two worked closely, daily with Jeremiah and  it was obvious they were still deeply affected by the past 3 months.

I have to add here that being in the Dina's home is just like being home. It is comfortable, there are places to gather and talk all you want and there are places to retreat and be quiet. Most of all though, the atmosphere the family has created is very loving and peaceful, very much a retreat. Wanne made us stroganoff, but it wasn't beef, it was reed buck stroganoff. All of their meat is game meat that John hunts. It was so good! They visited with us until late in the evening as our eyes got more and more heavy.

We're in Africa--we are using a wireless laptop and eating reed buck stroganoff in Africa!

--and we are so thankful to be here.

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