July 22, 2010

Everybody say YES....yes to VBS

When I got my enrollment sheet  last Monday, the first day of Vacation Bible School, I just cringed. I had all boys.....second grade boys. But now, 3 days later, I have to say, this has been one of the best VBS's I've been involved in. (I did get 2 girls in my class too.) Although they've been squirrely a lot of the time, I don't know if I've ever had a class in VBS in which every child really seems to be having some significant spiritual growth and hunger.

We sing this song  as our special tonight at the program, so we've been practicing it a lot. Every time they sing it and I watch their faces,  a sob rises up in my throat. Each one is singing with their whole heart and not thinking about who is next to them but singing to God. These days there are a lot of families who do not attend church, even if the parents do believe in Christ and I think it is such a loss for their children. Being together to study the Bible on their level, singing songs of worship and letting them explore God's Word ignites a flame and burns within them their whole lives. Only one of the children in my class actually goes to our church. A couple of the others go to other churches, but most of them do not attend anywhere.

My prayer is that their parents will see a spiritual hunger in their singing tonight and realize how important it is to bring them up in an atmosphere that sparks into flame the interest they naturally have in God at this age. The teachings this week centered around the themes in this song and wow, did they get it.

Watch the link. The man leading the song on the video writes all the music for Lifeway Vacation Bible School and does a great job. Just imagine children doing the motions and singing with all their hearts. See if you get the sob thing.


Taylor said...

It was a great week!:) So many kids hungry for the lord and I believe we help with that! YAY good job Christie

Kati said...

Loved that song! Actually have the tunes on this computer. Grace might like to listen to them while we're in this lovely room at the hospital. :P