July 1, 2010

Little cabin in the woods

I am back from my sister's cabin. It was very relaxing. I'm glad to be home though and soon (late tonight) my husband and 2 teen daughters will get home from youth camp. Bethany gets home tomorrow night from helping at kids' camp. Hannah flies in next Wednesday to spend a week with us back up at the cabin. All together....the whole family. 


My week at the cabin with my sister, her 4 year old son and my dog included:
-Answering 4 year old nephew's endless questions, also enjoying his observations on dogs and life.
-Taking walks with my dear dog...lots of walks because she can't be trusted off the leash in the woods. We walked and I chanted, "go potty, good girl, potty time now, this looks like a good spot, go for it, potty potty." 

-While doing the last walk of the day, we heard coyotes howling and yipping all around our area one night....very cool, but creepy at the same time. Maisy wasn't sure what to think but ran in the house pretty fast when we got to the porch. I don't think she is ready to answer the call of the wild.
-Watched movies after nephew went to bed each evening. 

-I took a bubble bath in the claw foot tub. =)
-Went plant shopping at the local Walmart garden dept. We bought lots of flowering plants for the cabin's front gardens. We bought lots of perennial things and deer/bunny resistant plants and then spent a long morning planting them all. There will be people there consistently for the next few weeks, so we can get them hardy before Larry and Becky come back from vacation. Lavender, salvia, dianthus, marigolds, day lillies, some ground cover things with little flowers, black eyed susans, an oriental poppy plant, a gardenia plant and some portulaca.  I hope they like it, it was fun to do!
-Eating breakfast on the back deck, reading our Bibles and spending time with God in His creation and keeping afternoon watch on the front porch, watching thunderstorms move in the last 2 days.
-Visited Bethany at the kid's camp. The camp is about 12 miles from the cabin. All the adults at the camp were telling me what a great help Bethany is and we saw it all first hand. She was busy helping to do a variety of things.  We were also told this by people from our church when she helped last week at our kids' camp....AND the owner/caretaker of the camp was bragging about Bethany at a wedding we went to over the weekend. Very proud and happy to see her doing what she's gifted to do....hundreds of things all at the same time, organizing, keeping track of things and helping kids to have a great camp experience. 
-Ate pretty healthy all week except for the brownies and ice cream but had a Lenny's burger on the way home. I now have heartburn. 

And now catching up on the local news because we didn't see any news all week.

Also my husband just called and there is a detour on I-10 which is going to put them home in the wee hours of the morning. At which time I will be expected to drive over to the church and pick them up. 

I need a bubble bath. 


Cheryl R. said...

Glad you had a good week! Wish I could have come up - thanks for the invite though!

e-Mom said...

Thanks for taking us along on your vacation. Enjoyed your pics.

I hope you got that bubble bath! ღ