December 7, 2009


***I have just rewritten this post to correct some false information. I am not a stupid motorist, but if they had laws incriminating stupid bloggers, I would be in deep doo doo. I haphazardly wrote about the roads in Arizona, mentioning our Department of Transportation, but did not realize they are not responsible for the roads I mentioned....the ones going through dry creek beds. I apologize to ADOT and hope my name is not mud there, as it took a long time for me to remember to rewrite this!! I do appreciate ADOT and love their nice freeways! ***

(In case you are wondering what I'm talking about, please refer to the comments section. I was (very kindly, thank you Tim) informed and humbled.)

I decided to try and knock myself out of this slump I'm in and say aloud and in writing that I am going to try to blog each weekday. Now I may not post it til late at night and it may be something used or copied, but I will go on! (or try....I'm backpedaling already, see?)

Today, after a not so fun morning at work (I had to use a lot of hot glue and nearly took the skin off my fingertips from hot glue), I came home in a sprinkle of rain. The sprinkle turned into a down pour very shortly and it continued to drizzle or pour all day.

I LOVE rainy days. Growing up in Phoenix will do that to you. People who are native Arizonans will rejoice over rain and go out into it to experience it, but they do not know how to drive properly in it and perhaps they are a little too enthusiastic about the rain and they crash a lot. Lots of weather and traffic news on days like this.

Also here in Arizona, there are a lot (LOT, LOT) of dry washes and creek beds. Sometimes they are dry for so long during the year that the people who build roads (and I'm not sure who this is exactly) just build roads right through them. But then they expect people to realize (even though there are usually posted signs I am told) that they should not drive through the flooding waters in the wash during rain storms.

Without fail! people drive through the flooded washes every time it rains and then their car stalls in the middle of the flood and they have to be plucked from their car roofs by rescue helicopters. Even after years of seeing news reports of really ridiculous people being rescued, people look at the flood water and think, "Well I can drive through that!" ehn, nope, you're on the news now! So Arizona now has a stupid motorist law that says people who do stupid things and have to be rescued have to pay big bucks for the helicopter rescue service.

So here in Phoenix rainy days are not only fun and make us hyper, they are also a little entertaining during the news hour.

I am currently making scads of peppermint biscotti. Photo and recipe coming up tomorrow. (that gives me a post for Tuesday. YES!)


Cheryl said...

Yay! I've missed your blogs! Good to hear from you again. Hey, and lets try to do lunch maybe next week after I get back from Texas!

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, ADOT does not build state highways or freeways through washes. We have to follow quite stringent requirements for managing flood and storm-water events, usually using either bridges or box-culvert structures. When you see low-water crossings through washes or dry river beds, those are local roads with less traffic than state highways. Even then, those crossings are generally signed to remind drivers of the hazard.

- Tim, ADOT

joannmski said...

"People who are native Arizonans will rejoice over rain and go out into it to experience it, but they do not know how to drive properly in it and perhaps they are a little too enthusiastic about the rain and they crash a lot."

This totally cracked me up.

crickl's nest said...

I'm humilified!

Tim, I assure you I don't know who builds roads anywhere. ADOT was the only name I could think of, so I profoundly apologize for my laziness in not researching that point. ;) Thanks for being a good sport. (I had no idea ADOT was keeping an eye on my blog! Wow) cracks us up too, unless you're the one they crash into. =(

Thanks Cheryl. That will be nice, have a great time celebrating with your girl! (and tell her to pass down the scholarships to someone I know) ;)

e-Mom said...

SOOOO looking forward to your upcoming posts... :~D

And your "weather report" is awesome. Thanks, I'm now forewarned. Should we end up in AZ, I will know not to drive in dry creek beds, thanks to you. (I really want to avoid those helicopter rescue fees, if at all possible.)

As for rain, well, I think you know how we PNWers feel about it!!!!


P.S. BTW, you have quite a reading audience... ADOT? Wow.