August 6, 2009

Those were the days my friend

Our Sprint cell phone service has not been working for 3 days.

Now Yahoo won't give me my mail or the news story on the mom who crashed with her kids in NY.

AND my Qwest internet service is iffy today too.

I'm watching Gilmore girls episodes from the days when EVERY person did not have a cell phone. They had pagers, they would get a little beep and have a little time (like in case they needed to go to the bathroom.... awkward while on a cell phone or when your kids bring you your cell phone with a live someone on it while you're IN the bathroom...okay I don't know if I'm going to keep this parentheses) before you call the person back.

They also distinctly have newspapers with interesting stories right there in front of your eyes instead of teasing you with a title to a story you can never read. And you never see people on the internet. That is interesting. People just talk to each other and visit and bump into each other in charming small town settings.

I want that.

But I also want my cell phone to work!

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Shell said...

I was reading your post and noticed you have labels on each blog post, how in the world do you do that?? I know I had done it before and I can't recall how. Any help would be nice, and please feel free to come comment on my site with a link to yours, you write wonderfully!