August 4, 2009

Birthday scones

Hannah made me vanilla scones for my birthday. I am working on getting cake replaced with vanilla soy scones for the preferred birthday dessert. =) We topped them with raspberry jam and blueberry jam that she helped someone make in Alaska from berries she helped pick! Maybe she will give us all the recipe. She took one from the internet and added and subtracted things.

I also got a french pedicure with little jeweled flower applique from Bethany. And the Jane Eeyre dvd we started watching last night was from Charles, along with a field guide to my camera so that we can learn to do fancy, cool things with it.


e-Mom said...

Happy Birthday Christie! Go make sandcastles! (Hugs)

Alida said...

wow!! that scone looks mighty tasty!! So glad that you had a great birthday!