June 5, 2009

Mission trip to Africa!

I want to share with you a new blog! It is a temporary blog, written by a youth team from our church as they are in Mozambique Africa on a mission trip! Six young people, 2 high school students and 4 college students, who have been training and preparing for this for a year. We have a missionary couple (family) from our church who is there housing, feeding and guiding them. I wish they had a blog. I will have to put that in their ear.

The youth (or joven in Portugese) are there to teach about God's plan for purity. They are teaching the True Love Waits curriculum and also sharing personal testimonies of what God has done and is teaching them in their own lives. And they are also doing some sports evangelism with soccer games with the Mozambique kids and showing the Jesus video in several small villages there. A lot of commitments to purity as well as salvations have happened in their short time there.

Please be in prayer for the time they have left there and see what a great time they are having here: Jovens in Mozambique.

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