May 22, 2007

Around the dinner table tonight

As dinner was cooking, I was sitting in my room getting a blog ready for tomorrow. My daughter, Bethany's, room is right across the hall and we heard her talking it up with someone on the phone. She finally put it on speaker phone and it turned out to be my oldest who is away at college, Hannah. I could hear both of their voices and they were talking about books, teasing, and laughing loudly as Beth packed for her summer. She'll be on a summer mission team, doing vacation Bible schools, kids' camps and work crew with different churches around Arizona.

I finally couldn't take it anymore and went in to join the conversation. When the oven timer went off, I took Hannah with, the phone actually....and she talked me through getting dinner on the table.

"Do you want to join us for dinner?" I asked.

She said yes and we tortured her with our "Oh, this is so good"s with a homemade meal while she had just warmed up a frozen burrito for her dinner. I asked her how work was today and at the same moment, in the same tone and inclination to be a twerp, Charles and Emma both said, "workish?" heehee (Charles always says that when that question is asked.)

I guess the response to that question is pretty predictable, but when you have your college daughter on the phone, you have to keep the conversation going! And we did...til it was time to clean up. Then suddenly Hannah's friends were there to visit her and she had to leave.

Uh huh! Just like when she was at home....always skipping out on the cleanup! (just kidding Hannah!)

So I closed the phone and patted it nicely....and had to blink some moisture from my eyes....musta been dust or something.

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