May 5, 2007

Sunday Night Hockey

I spent a long time today trying to find and apply the codes for thumbnail links to images. But I found it! And it's'll probably be seeing a lot more of it here, since it doesn't take up my disk space. If you want the code, just hollar at me....uh, or comment or email. =)

Here is what my 2 teenagers and my husband have been doing the past 2 months of Sunday nights. Just click on the little image to see the larger one.

This is our youth room. It is a huge room that they made over to be a hockey rink. Each team has a t-shirt design and banner on the wall. Their goalie masks decorate the end walls too. The bumper walls along the sides are covered with carpeting and the spectators sit on them to watch....or some chickens like me peek in from the doorways to avoid the little rubber balls that come flying.

Very cool logo! It stands for Revolution, the name of our youth ministry.

When Josh (youth pastor) has a game to play, my husband fills in as referree. Isn't he cute? =) The toilet paper decor all around the room is from the current TP wars that the youth group plays on Wednesday nights. ;)

Each game begins with a devotion by one of the youth and a prayer huddle.

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