May 6, 2005

A g'day

Well after 2 torrentially bad days in a row, today was a keeper! I won’t bore you with yesterday’s pain, but it had to do with ordinary things like badly a clogged toilet, a hardware store trip, husband being out of town, pms, tears upon tears, lots of bleach spray and finally a plumber and great rejoicing! I feel so bad whining about miniscule problems while the world, our country, my town and my friends suffer from troubles on a much more magnified scale….life-altering types of stuff. When you have pms though, it’s the small stuff that drives you crazy (well maybe not you, but me) and makes me overreact.

Today was my day off. I tried to sleep in but couldn’t so it gave me a chance to have a long talk with my husband, who’s been out of town for 3 days. We had a good, good talk….about important things….and I felt like I had helped him sort some things out, which is rare for me, but it’s what I want to do. So it was a great start….then I had a long morning: prayed and got some insight into some things, watched a Judging Amy rerun, then had a long shower and even shaved my legs….which always makes me feel better. =) Then I decided I was going to finally cook this interesting wild rice mix I had bought in bulk from our farmer’s market. It came with no instructions, so it was a gamble. I found a recipe on and got it going before running to get our passport applications done at the post office. We are so goofy. On a passport application you cannot make a mistake…no scribbling over a 1 with a 3, no white out or erasers. We each ended up filling out 3 apps! First it was putting 2005 for my birth date *DUH* and Chas put his mother’s birth date in his father’s birth date spot….this could have been frustrating, but the rediculousness of it cracked us up, as well as the postal employees helping us. Being a small town, I know that this will get around and we’ll have people teasing us about it. Well it took an hour, but we finally got done. My rice casserole with sausage and chicken is almost done, but I took a test taste from it a while ago and it tastes wonderful! The rice was still a bit too crunchy, but an extra half hour should have done the trick. I will post the recipe tomorrow if it’s a keeper.

Oh, and the weather today was very cozy. Rain alternating with sleet, gusty wind and distant thunder rumbling… not loud enough to make the poodle animal who lives in our house tremble, but just enough to make you look out the windows more often and smile because the weather gave me a good reason not to have to go anywhere. The laundry is about done, all my kids are home tonight, and we’re going to eat yummy rice casserole and watch National Treasure together. It’s all insignificant in perspective of our lives here on earth,
but I thank God for small treasures like a day like today.

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