January 22, 2005

Totally Demotivated

I am feeling much better, having been sick with assorted colds for the past 2 months. My ears are unplugged finally and my head doesn't feel heavy or tired. But I feel very blah....I need a kickstart.....ok, maybe not a kick, maybe a nudge.....or a suggestion......ok, nevermind, leave me alone... See what I mean?

I think I'll get over it...when the dirty kitchen floor and cereal for dinner start really really bugging me, ambition will kick in and off I'll be, like a tazmanian devil, whirling around whipping it all into shape and making homemade bread for dinner with roast and potatoes. (if my husband reads this, he can testify to how long it's been since I've been THAT motivated!) I want it to happen but I don't wanna do it! *whiner whiner whiner*

It reminded me of a websight my brother showed me once. It totally cracks me up and is so appropriate these past few days. =}

despair.com Click on the left side under 'individual designs' and browse their collection for a fun waste of time. And if you're one of those overly motivated, ambitious people, just a reminder........

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