January 12, 2005

Cold, ice and brand new babies

Wellness is a good thing. I have been sick with various cold viruses since before Thanksgiving....and have been sick the past 7 days with the worst one yet. (which is why I had time to make this blogpagethingie) Sore throat, achy, ears plugged up, then came the dreadfullest cough....dr...meds....so today I woke up feeling a little better, which made me pretty happy. I could swallow without cringing.....you've gotta love antibiotics! and codiene cough meds.....makes you all cozy feeling and light. And I didn't feel like I was coughing up my lungs today...that's a good thing. =)

Anyway, I got ready for work by 8am and get a call that we are not starting school til 10am....wheeeeeheee. Kind of drastic I thought since there was only a dusting of snow covering the ground. So I had another cuppa coffee and watched the morning news.

Time to leave and husband warns me to be careful, it's icy out...*in places, I think to myself*.....pull out of the driveway and realize I am driving on a solid sheet of ice! That is a really weird feeling in case you've never experienced it. It crunches as you drive along and stopping and turning are done at a pace of 10 miles per hour.....in fact most people driving on ice do those 'California stops' where they kinda slow down and glide through stop signs if no one's coming. And the weird slow mo feeling of trying to stop and instead you go sliding out into an intersection is weird and frightening and funny at the same time. All you can do is sit there going in slow motion, staring at the other people in the intersection, as if to say 'heh heh, hey I hope we don't crash or sumpin!' At school we get out of the car and our feet go sliding away! lol We had to hold hands and the side of the car and go very slowly to get in. Even places that looked like puddles were solid frozen water!

By afternoon it had all turned to slush again and all the excitement turned to our good friends and the fact that they just had a new baby last night! Of course I can't go see the baby til I am relatively germ free. Baby Corbin, their first boy out of three, was born at home assisted by a midwife. Lemmee tell ya, some people are so brave! Everything went fine, as did her other 2 children's home births, but sounds scary to me! At HOME?? No epidural, ice chips, a weird lil gown that never fits and a hoard of strangers parading in and out of your room? Ok, both ways are scary I guess. I'm just thanking God for our new little friend and for his mom's relief and closure to a long pregnancy.

My dogs outside are glad it's dry tonight...I'll have to tell you about my dogs another day cuz that would take way too long for tonight.

Thanks for reading me

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