February 27, 2012

Tapestry retreat 2012

The women's retreat this past weekend was such a fun time....and very meaningful personal growth began for lots of us too. Because it would take a few pages to tell you ALL about it, I will just hit the highlights....

-Riding up with a Chris Tomlin concert going on in the back seat. :) (I was in the front seat enjoying it)
-The weather was AMAZING.
-Watching women diligently try to roast HUGE marshmallows over sterno cans, then try to make s'mores with them.
-Fun speakers, Patty and Lisa from Girlfriendit.
-Being a mocha, highly entertained by all the chai-s, lattes and espressos.
-Pondering the turning points in our lives in following such a great God.
-Sticky notes, sticky notes, sticky notes.
-Mailboxes....with mail.
-Ice cream in the park. Popcorn tasting. Dogs.
-Margie and the Walmart greeter.
-Sam Elliott look-a-likes everywhere....gee, Prescott, what is up with that?
-We like Ike.
-That crazy lady who makes us sing Day by Day in the cafeteria.
-Sticky notes on my back.....sticking stickies to everyone else as fast as I could.
-Remembering what God has brought me to, from, through, watching other people remember too.
-Merrit singing the first verse of Revelation Song in a beautiful voice!
-A huge gust of wind blowing in one door and out the other while I had my hands raised singing Revelation Song. Wind going over me like a visitation. Laughing at all the reactions to the wind.
-Wanting to leave the doors open a crack every time we sang after that happened, just in case, expectantly.
-Skit night, getting carried away---vague but very real threats of retaliation if skit night photos begin showing up in public! !!
-Sandwich board fashion show.
-Great, hot....cakes! lol
-Seeing the young women turn red.
-The coffee shop skit!
-Marchell and Shirley as identical twins.
-Good coffee
-Kelly under my bed trying to scare me.
-Making Margie laugh.
-Hiking and Prayer Cabin with Jo Ann.
-No traffic on the way home.
-Going home.
-Wanting to go back to camp. :)
-Sunday night. zzzzzzz


SaraMeg said...

That sounds so wonderful, fun and exciting! I am glad to hear all the happy funny bullet points :)

Merrit said...

I had such a good time! Wish I has more free time to visit with more peeps!