February 29, 2012

The oatmeal diaries

I went to see my doctor for routine checkup stuff last week.

Now I eat oatmeal every morning. No cholesterol meds for me as they make me achy and weak feeling. The problem is that I don't really love oatmeal. So I've been experimenting with making it different ways.

I heard that soaking your oats overnight with a little yogurt or buttermilk helps them to be more....digestible. This is one of the reasons I don't love oatmeal in the first place...digestion issues. To my amazement (yes, I am not exaggerating...I WAS amazed) soaking them really did help my tummy!

The second thing I did was to look for a recipe for baked oatmeal. It sounded interesting and I had heard rumors of deliciousness. And it was! Love it! It is not soupy, but firm like bread pudding. You just scoop up a hunk of it into in a bowl with a little brown sugar and milk. Yum.

After a couple mornings of getting up an hour early to put the soaked pan of oats in the oven, I decided to try something else. I put them in a crock pot overnight. It was the same recipe, but did not have good results. It was too hard and overcooked on the edges and top. The next night I tried the crock pot idea again with steel cut oats. It was too soupy and also got too done around the edges.

I decided to go back to getting up and putting the pan in the oven an hour early. Last night though, I forgot to put the oats on to soak, so I had to eat something else. And my old breakfast routine is to make a peanut butter and honey toasted sandwich, so I reverted.

Whole wheat toast, generously peanut buttered while it is still warm from the toaster. Then drizzle honey on the other piece of toast, getting it to all the edges, then filling in the middle. And as I was putting the two pieces together, I heard Bethany in the hallway ready to head out the door for work. Just as I heard her coming, the thought went through my head....she is going to want this sandwich because it looks super yummy. Should I quickly throw a dish towel over it or should I give it to her? She has never asked me for my sandwich before, so it was a strange thought, but as I put the two pieces of toast together, she came up close beside me and looked right at my sandwich. "Can I have your sandwich?" she said.

I just knew it!!

I did give it to her. She was overcome with gratitude for such a gift and squeezed me hard. She was just as impressed with it as I had been....it being a really super yummy sandwich and all. So she went away to work happily with my sandwich and I just sighed and made another one while I giggled. Don't you think God is funny to put little things like that in our day? He has fun with us sometimes, I think. I made Bethany's morning and it blessed her, so I was pretty sure He was the instigator.

And now that you have my recipe for peanut butter and honey toasted sandwiches, here is my new-found baked oatmeal recipe from Quaker Oats.


SaraMeg said...

That made me laugh :) Glad it was a blessing not a frustration, that is cool. :)

Plink. said...

So neat!

Give me oatmeal with nothing but a gazillion raisins and I'll eat it forever! =)

With love (and a craving for oatmeal),

crickl's nest said...

I wrote that blog with you two in mind! heehee, it's like my little plot to draw you in.

Plink, I will have to try that with raisins. I have never done it....in all my years.

Sara, me and Emma were just talking about you yesterday. We like you lots.