February 19, 2012

Blog skins

Blogger must have changed something, because my template didn't match up with my columns anymore. I never did like having 3 columns anyway.

Now I'm making excuses!

I feel strange without my pink flower template. So this may all change up a few times before I find one that I think suits me. Any suggestions??


Alida said...

I miss your pink flower too! I would go with whatever you can find that's free...free is good!

Plink. said...

The template you have now is neat! Although, it seems a little on the white side...Very clean and springy though!

Perhaps you could try using a picture that you have taken as a template background?

With smiles, =)

crickl said...

I changed it back and am hoping it is something to do with Firefox updating recently. Maybe it will work itself out. pfft!