January 27, 2012

It's 4:44 and I'm Jonesing the Mojo

I have so many much more serious and pressing things to say, but this is what came out of my head.....

I'm having theme days again. Seemingly random things that all have a connection keep happening and make me wonder. Am I supposed to be getting something from this, because.....I don't get it.

For several days in a row, I would glance at the clock and the time would be in sync. For example, the time would be 11:11 or 2:22. It was weird. Almost scary. I felt like Twilight Zone music would play at any moment. A few weeks ago it was herds of white cars. While driving I would gradually notice that although every other car color was mixed into the crowds of cars, the white cars would bunch up like a herd. And people kept saying the term Jonesing. I stopped in the middle of Bible study tonight to clarify what that word meant. The answer was....could be keeping up with the Joneses or it could be used to mean a craving. Who knew? (not me)

Today as I drove to the church office down 7th Street, I saw an old Volkswagon E wagon (I had to look up what it was called because teeny tiny station wagon didn't seem correct). I see it every time I drive that route in the mornings. I hear the telling VW motor beside me and I turn and smile. I love VWs. We used to drive a Vanagon. So today when an old VW Beetle with a cool vintage luggage rack on top pulled up on the other side of me it made me laugh. (I could make the dueling motor sounds for you, but then I'd have to clean my screen) Random connections. Cue Twilight Zone music.......

The guy in the wagon pulled up next to the guy in the Beetle at the next light, and I could see them talking to each other through their open windows. They each had their elbow resting on the open window and had easy-going smiles and there was some hippy-type head nodding happening as if they were saying things like, "Dude, cool car".  It's just how VW owners are.....and it made me remember when we had ours.

We lived in New Jersey and drove the Vanagon all over town. Every day, I would see other VW cars pull up beside me, hang their head or arm out the window, or wave a peace sign at me to acknowledge the vehicular love. I miss being in that club.....though I do love my automatic transmission too much to go back.

People who drive Honda Accords just don't have the same mojo. Dude.


Plink. said...

Ha! I'm not the only one who see's 11:11, 12:12, etc., constantly without feeling a little weirded out! =)

That is a comforting thing to know.

Plink. said...

Tell Emma Happy Birthday for me!