September 14, 2010


Okay! I asked for suggestions on rss readers since I am helpless sometimes at finding good solutions out of the huge amount of information out there.

Thank you Joann!

She recommended Google reader, so I looked it over and on Bloglines there is a nifty link under your blog list that lets you export all of your subscriptions to another RSS reader. It was super easy. Now I will still get all of my friends' blogs each day without clicking 60+ bookmarks. Joann is so smart! (and that is not the first time someone has said that about her)

Google reader also has this wonderful tool under the scroll down menu that says, "view settings" called "view in Reader Play" and it is like a slide show of your blogs! Beautiful!

:like:  :happy:

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Alida said...

I use google reader too and I can see all of the updates on the dashboard of section of my blogger account!!