September 14, 2010


I just read today that Bloglines is shutting down on October 1, 2010. ehn

So if you subscribe to this or any other internet sights through Bloglines, please get busy and save your subscriptions to another rss feed reader. Right now I have not found one that I like, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

I loved having all of the blogs I read on the same page updated daily so I could see who had put up a new post.

What to do....


joannmski said...

Oh no!

I had quit bloglines because it got so untrustworthy. I am using google reader now. I have an igoogle as my main page, with a google calendar and google reader and other fun add-ins.

I sure used to love bloglines tho.

e-Mom said...

Really? I'm surprised. I use Google Reader for some RSS feeds, so I guess I'll switch all of them over there.

Thanks for the heads up Crickl!