October 26, 2009

Much ado about fuzz

One of my household chores is to trim the dog. She is bichon/poodle and grows fuzzy, curly fur like a machine. She doesn't like to be trimmed though and struggles and wiggles the entire time. I can't even do her feet so she often looks like she's got slippers on. (when I get to her feet, she gnaws on me while I'm cutting and she is constantly pulling away from me very hard at the same time)

The other day I started in on her. I just got her head done, but it wasn't 'done' done, just scissored and very wonky looking. Her neck and body were like a huge puff with her little petite head stuck on, no neck. We could not look at her without giggling, so she was starting to feel self-conscious.

So this afternoon I worked up my nerve to continue. I got her back, sides, bottom, and neck done. So now she has huge puff legs and an under carriage of fuzz. I will try to finish her off (play on words and my attitude) tomorrow, but her legs and feet are the worst part of the job, so I might be putting it off. (just sayin) I guess it's worth saving $40 to clip her myself, but it's a week long process. After I get her all scissored off, I have to even her out with an electric clipper....and that is like trying to shave a greased piglet while it's in hyper mode. She is just lucky she's the best dog we've had, because she is a PILL!

Here are some of her many 'looks'. (because I cannot consistently make her look the same way)

Short ears, very puppy-looking.
Youtube addict, mid-ear length. She like the funny cat videos.
Crazed maniac.
Jay Leno look.
Flat head.
Emo legs.
Muppet. (or "I've got a lazy mom who won't trim me")
She is the one on the left. (I think)
Dandelion, or, the "early look".
Last one.
Basket case.
Oh, and her E.T. look is at the top of the page.

Happy puppies to you all!


Anonymous said...

Hahhahahhahha oh Maze, she is so funny and makes me happy. Actually you are the comical brains behind the operation I think!!


Work in process said...

Christie, you are so funny. We are the exact opposite people. Funny story
Jackie k

standing10:13 said...

hahaha :)
Also, she does look like a muppet in that one!

Alida said...

too funny!

Tanya said...

I've seen those looks on our dog at one time or another ... LOL!

~KQ~ said...

I love the Muppet look!! When I was a little girl we had an apricot standard poodle. Dad would shear him like a sheep every summer and then not do it again until the next year! Lots of "looks" for him, too!