October 6, 2009

Fall in Phoenix

Fall in Phoenix.

It lasts one week and then it's back to summer until Thanksgiving.

In the past week:

-The temperatures have gone down in the 60's at night....very nice. But people go around all the next day with sweaters on while it rises to the 80s. I think they are sincere in their wearing of sweaters, but I still have to giggle.

-People open their windows and doors to let the cool morning air in, even after their a/c kicks back on in the afternoon. (I'm guilty of this, I love outside air....I almost said fresh air....silly me)

-There is a faint smell of woodsmoke in the evenings.

-Fall decor is starting to make it's appearance in my neighborhood. Mums, pumpkins, witches, ghosts, caution tape and weirdly purple lights.

-My sisters have started planning the Thanksgiving dinner menu.

-Candy corn is disappearing from the ceramic pumpkin on our piano.

-3 plastic barrels of ginger snaps appeared on our pantry shelf. (someone keeps forgetting she already bought some)

-Slippers have come back in style.

-The dark loads of laundry are outnumbering the light loads.

-The snowman jar on the microwave is suddenly full of cough drops again.

-There is a distinct difference in everyone's mood.....a more chilled out attitude is evident.

By Saturday it will be back in the 90's again. Kinda makes my pumpkin scented candles seem premature.


standing10:13 said...

Ah Mrs. Christy, I love your writing. The candy corn pumpkin is back?! Oh dear, I'm going to need to remember that...

joannmski said...

Hello, I gave you a blog award! http://joannmski.blogspot.com/2009/10/blog-award.html

e-Mom said...

"Fall in Phoenix. It lasts one week and then it's back to summer until Thanksgiving."

LOL! Very funny. We are seriously, I mean very seriously considering moving down your way. I would LOVE all that hot weather. Now that we're empty nesters, we can live just about any where we want. Should we come?

BTW, you're the winner of my ice cream giftcard giveaway (sneak announcement.) It will be official on Friday. Email me with your snailmail and I'll get that off to you OK? (A special bonus coming to you too... but you'll have to wait til Fri. to find out about that!)

My email:

Bless you! e-Mom

Tanya said...

We flirt with fall here, too. We even had some rain, but it's back to the 80s later this week.