September 3, 2007

Movie review: Charlotte's Web

Having read the book as a child and seen the animated, I think musical, version of the story, we opted not to see Charlotte's Web in the theatre last year. (it's soooo expensive to go to the movies with the whole family these days) Instead we waited for it to come out of dvd. And since it arrived at our door with the other 49cent dvds my husband ordered with a dvd club membership, we finally watched it. Well, we watched it three times this weekend to be exact. I LOVE IT. It is the cutest family movie I've seen in a while.

The live action movie with computer generated animated animals was a little bit reminiscent of the movie Babe, but better much better computerized animation (like the spider spinning the web). And the story and sweetness of it was so much more. Besides the story of the pig, spider and farm animals, it is a wonderful story of a shy little girl's blossoming. Silly, sappy and totally predictable barnyard animal lines and jokes still had me giggling, even during the third viewing. An all star cast provides the voices for these wonderful animals. The scene where the baby spiders hatch is beautifully done, and is so sweet. But one of my favorite parts was the end, where the credits first begin to roll, the song Ordinary Miracle is sung by Sarah McLachlan and is accompanied by really well done still illustrations of the story. It is beautiful! So if you watch the movie, keep the dvd going at least through that song.

And aren't you lucky! I found it on youtube:

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