September 11, 2007


Little frustrated here.....

I am trying to upload a old header...for this blog's header, but Blogger will not apply the change. It says it is saved and the picture is there on my layout page under 'header', but it does not show up on the blog.


Little help?



Gatherings said...

Let's see if you have gone through all of these steps?

1. Save your image as a jpg, gif, bmp and png image, 8 MB maximum size (I'm fairly sure these are your restrictions for the template)

2. Save image to your desktop just for now, to make it easy to find

3. Go to website and log in

4. At dashboard, see manage area, click layout

5. In header field, click edit

6. Go to image and upload your image

Now view your launch page. It should be there.

Let me know how it goes, m'dear!


crickl's nest said...

Hi Kim =) You always come to my rescue on here. I did all those steps and my pic is only 20kb! It says it is uploaded and I see it on that header edit page, but it won't apply the change. *ppfffft!*

I'll keep trying.

kim said...

send me you image... send to