June 23, 2005

Vacation Bible School week

It’s a busy week with Vacation Bible School and all of our other activities, but here is an off-the-top-of-my-head summary of the week:

-There are 6 children in my kindergarten VBS class and there’s not a dud in the bunch! =) Ok, well no kids are actually ‘duds’ but some can make your life miserable and I am glad to report that I don’t have any of those in my class this year.

-I have 2 very good teenaged helpers for the week who I have watched grow the past 8 years into really great kids…fun, responsible and like to serve others. I love seeing children mature into older kids, then teens and sometimes you get to see them into early adulthood. It’s cool to think I have had a very small hand in their spiritual development through teaching in the church.

-We went for a drive Monday afternoon up the mountain near our town. It rises to over 9,000 feet and it’s a favorite drive for us. We have seen a black bear up there before and this time saw 2 separate bunches (flocks? Herds? Gaggles?) of wild turkeys! We even saw a set of adults turkeys with at least 2 little babies slinking along after them! (turkeys don’t waddle or run, they slink along, neck stretched out in front of them, moving swiftly with a smooth gait) So cute and so rare a sight.

-Also on Monday we woke up to irritating smoke coming in our bedroom window and looked out to see lots of smoke coming from something burning downtown. It turned out to have begun in a local downtown bar and spread to an empty adjoining historic building. It was put out, but later in the day, the fire started back up and was once again sending a great cloud of smoke into the sky.

-I helped cook a church dinner Tuesday night and it was fun to get together with a group of about 25 leaders from the church who want to help the church have a more effective outreach. Also had a time of concern, giggling and ‘fishing’ when a friend of mine flushed her car keys down the church toilet! Imagine the comic timing she has to be able to flush the toilet at the precise time her keys are falling out of her pocket!  ….I am sorry to report that she never did retrieve them. =(

-Today is Wednesday and we made playdough at VBS and I let the kids choose what color to add to their own lump. My hands are now dark blue with pink and green splotches. (Anyone know how long it takes for food coloring to wear off of skin?)

-At the end of VBS we got a report that main street and 3 blocks surrounding it had been closed off and evacuated due to a possible bomb in the recently burned out building downtown. It was soon opened up again but it was quite a little excitement. The drive home was interesting too with downtown access closed off and construction closing several other main roads in town. For a town of 3,000 and only 2 flashing red lights, it caused a little traffic!

-This afternoon we washed down the abandoned swallow’s nest that I ranted about in an earlier blog. The 2 babies that had hatched had each taken a fatal leap onto the porch…..each too little to fly yet. We have reclaimed our porch now and feel quite firm in our resolve to sit there the rest of the summer without letting swooping birds drive us out.

-Goodnight. There is a feint throbbing in my head, thunder booming outside, the smell of rain coming in my window along with a minty smell from the garden and the light from my monitor here has a psycho moth diving at me in a kamikaze frenzy.

-Well I didn’t post this last night because of the moth problem. After a moth came in to visit my eye, behind my glasses I decided it was time to turn off the computer! I also didn’t sleep very well, thinking about moths being in my bedroom in the night.

-Today is Thursday and the sky is welling up with thunderclouds and there is a cool breeze in the air…very refreshing.

-VBS was good on all counts. Our theme today as we ‘traveled’ each day across the U.S. on a ‘ramblin’ road trip’ was Wyoming and Yellowstone park, so my preschool class played with water, made nature Bible verse bookmarks, and took a walk to find wild strawberries. My helpers hid candy strawberries in the grass around the church. It’s hard to decide sometimes who has the most fun…the children or the helpers!

-Tomorrow is the last day and I’ll miss my little students….you should see and hear them practicing their songs for parents’ night. You just haven’t lived fully unless you’ve watched children singing with all their hearts about God’s love. I hope to post some pictures of them here soon.

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