June 18, 2005

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I don’t know why they call these question things meme’s, but it’s not for the obvious reason because I looked it up. I was pronouncing it ‘mee mee’ due to spelling and because the subject is yourself. I was wrong. It’s pronounced ‘mem’ or ‘meem’ and you can look it up yourself if you want the definition….I still don’t get it, but everyone does it, so here is one I came across on one of my favorite subjects.

Movie meme
Total number of films I own on DVD and video:
No idea. I don’t have time to count, but we have one and a half 3 ft rows of dvd’s and 4 more rows of vhs tapes. (most recorded off of television)

Last film I bought: Finding Neverland, National Treasure, and Phantom of the Opera (we usually buy in three’s)

Last film I watched: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Madagascar

Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):

1. You’ve Got Mail: it has a very comforting quality to it…..the setting, colors, language, music….it’s like eating chocolate.

2. A&E’s production of Pride and Prejudice: it is 5 hours long, but always worth watching….especially on a rainy day. Hey, I just realized that the characters in You’ve Got Mail discuss Pride and Prejudice in the movie….hmm.

3. Stepmom, Miss congeniality, Two Weeks Notice

4. Roman Holiday, Meet Me in St. Louis

5. Master and Commander, Count of Monte Cristo, Dead Poets Society

If you could be any character portrayed in a movie, who would it be? Considering it would just be a ‘part’ and not a life, I have a couple of choices:

I love Meg Ryan’s character in You’ve Got Mail because of the setting….her quaint Westside apartment, the changes of seasons, walking to work down charming streets, and of course her really cool bookstore.

I would also like to try being Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables.

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