June 2, 2005

School's out for summer

Today was my last day of school. I have been working as a 4 day a week volunteer aid in our new church school since last September....and though it's been a blessing helping it get started and getting to know the kids, I am ready to be OUT! Next year they hope to have a part time paid aid. (and it won't be me!)


From all the Jails the Boys and Girls
Ecstatically leap
Beloved only Afternoon
That Prison doesn't keep

They storm the Earth and stun the Air,
A Mob of solid Bliss
Alas, that Frowns should lie in wait
For such a Foe as this?

~ Emily Dickinson ~

Let summer begin! I look forward to lazy mornings, sitting on the porch with my Bible and a cup of coffee or with my husband for casual, but meaningful conversation. I'll be tending my newly planted flowers, watering them in the evenings and spending time with my girls. In a couple of weeks I'll teach Vacation Bible School. In July my husband is on sabbatical and we have some trips planned and I'll be helping my mom and dad after her hip replacement surgery. In August, I will make sure I have everything we need to begin homeschooling again in September. I look forward to a slower, less structured way of life once more. I definitely found out this year that I do not thrive in a structured environment, doing the same thing each day...but at least I found out that I can do it if I need to.

My kids still go to school for the next week, taking finals, then having a tennis tournament. Perhaps I'll get in on that.....if I feel like it. =)

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