March 24, 2005

Spring break?

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Our Spring-like weather has suddenly turned back into ol' man winter....just in time for Spring amusing. Today it was so cold, we couldn't even go out and do vigorous yard work, like clearing out the gardens as it stayed in the 30's all day. So we did housework and after lunch popped in Ben Hur. I have never seen Ben Hur all the way through and I didn't realize it was a 4 hour we sat here all afternoon, hunkered down on our couches and baked chocolate chip cookies. Fun, yet not quite Spring breakish! Tomorrow we're going shopping....there is a Good Friday sale at Kohl's....50% off everything in stock. If that isn't a weird thought....a Good Friday sale...does that seem a little irreverent? Later we will go to a Good Friday service....which I will try to tell you about tomorrow night. Last year it was one of the most thoughtful, moving and contemplative services I've ever been to.

The first part of the week I spent in Phoenix with my 2 younger daughters. We visited my family, wore capris and short sleeves, and helped my sister water her vegetable/herb garden that was already in full swing. The most memorable thing we did though, was going to a drive in movie! I read recently that there are only a few drive in's left in America. What a shame! We had a lot of fun....popped a big bag of corn *microwave one had home popped kind!* and we packed blankets, lawn chairs,pillows, red hots and water bottles. One of only 3 surviving drive in movie theaters in Arizona is a mile from my parents home. We settled in for a double feature....Robots and Winn Dixie.....both very cute, but I enjoyed Winn Dixie sooo much more. Very good movie with a lot of underlying meaningful themes running through it....I love that. Besides I love a good dog movie! We had my 2 girls with us as well as my 7 year old niece and her mom, my sister. It was great....sitting in the outdoors, watching a movie (They have the sound come through a station on your car stereo too, so it's better than the old fashioned hook-on speaker that have the sound of a transistor radio.) We looked at the constellations, laughed as loud as we wanted to *which was quite loud* and the two 7 year olds danced around the outside of the car with joy at the end of each movie as the credits music played.

So Spring break was not all cold and snowy....but I was looking forward to clearing out my garden. And speaking of winter weather, check out this site. Some guy in Alaska is making a man made mountain of ice on his land. He has a long pipe with nozzles spraying instantly freezing water into the air! Amazing! Some people are so good at self entertainment...they are my heroes. ;) Make sure you scroll down to the bottom part of the page to see some mountain climbers climbing the ice!

In the meantime.....I'm going to make some hot tea.....

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