March 12, 2005

Boo boop dee doo!

There is a theme around here this week …….it’s a delicate subject, but it kept coming up, so I decided to wade in. It all started with my buying 3 new t-shirt type blouses at Sam’s club while innocently doing some shopping. Did you know you can’t try on the clothes at warehouse stores? I asked why one time and the woman said because of the fire code. She offered no further explanation, so I just assumed it’s against the law to have undressed people in the parking lot during fires. Well, you women who wear t-shirts in Spring time know….you have to have the right undergarments to wear those….they cling….it’s a little chilly in Spring….you need ‘protection’.

So instead of buying new undergarments, I decided to borrow some from my daughter’s drawer. I have experience buying those protecting, more secure feeling, thicker type undergarments, but the ones I have bought in the past have never fit well and by the time you find out how torturous they are, you can’t return them. They seem to have a life of their own, moving in odd directions, opposite to where I am moving. I end up feeling like Xena, princess warrior and it’s not a comfy feeling, let me tell you. ;) And I want things in the right place, not up in the atmosphere somewhere, jacked up and out. It’s a little claustrophobic I have found. So my daughter had a suitable looking took me a few minutes of browsing and holding things up and pondering…intimidating, but at least I wasn’t spending money on it to try it out. So on it went, then my nifty new 3/4 sleeved, olive green t-shirt. All set, all secure, all right! I was padded, protected and secure. All day, everything was fine….chilly building…nooooooo problem! There is some weird kind of freedom in being all bound up. *think about that* As evening came things kind of shifted and it started poking me in the arm pit, but I was amazed it lasted that long on this 100% cotton, loose fitting please, comfort loving girl. So I found that I can feel secure without too much whining, but it does have a time limit. What we won’t do for a cute t-shirt!

To ‘top’ off the week of this amazing new freedom and security, I turned on a comedy show that we watch sometimes as I was cooking dinner tonight. It’s called Bananas and is on PAX as well as other channels. Tonight’s comedian was a woman named Anita Renfro. This lady is hilarious! She’s all about womanly humor and one of her topics was explaining a mammogram. Among other things she talked about laying your offering on the altar, being ‘rearranged’ by someone she’s never met, feeling like too much waffle batter in a waffle iron and how afterward a little chocolate and caffeine and they fluff right back up! I tried to find a website for her and couldn’t find one, but if you get a chance to see her on Banana’s, I recommend it. =)

…..that’s a wrap…and all I have left to say is….boo boop dee doo! (since I can’t do the Xena war cry…..and I have tried.)

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