February 20, 2013


Strange times in Arizona today.

The only road between Flagstaff and Page (between the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell) fell down the hill. Oopsie ADOT! (they left a comment once when I talked about them on my blog....I know this road collapse not really their fault--pun?--I am just baiting for comments)

And it snowed in Phoenix! Well...we are saying it snowed. It looks like snow. The weatherman said it's not actually snow. It's graupel. Uuuuuh.....okay. I think some weather people are spoil sports! So did the news anchor. After the weather report, he said they were not going to say the word graupel again.

I agree! Although now all the songs with the word snow in them are going through my mind with the word graupel in them. I don't think it will catch on.

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Anonymous said...

Can you see the rainbow in the snow picture? I got a much better view of it on my way home yesterday. It was very vivid up close. Reminds me of God's promise. Graupel, schmaupel--it was SNOW!