April 4, 2011

Ministry of silence

Don't you agree that ministry happens very effectively outside the church walls as well as within?

Like an evening spent on a back patio by fire-light....mouth shut, ears open, sympathy and love almost tangible. The darkness like a cloak of privacy and assured trust. A dear friend who has an ongoing, long term issue pouring out her heart. Sometimes we have heard it all before, but a person needs to process again, revisit thoughts, uninterrupted, no advice offered.

Just prayer and no other words. Just understanding.

It's a blessing and a huge ministry. This is why tens of thousands of women go to professional counselors every year. (and I am notnotnot saying they shouldn't) Could we just do that more for each other? We could save our dear friends thousands of dollars and help them to trust the body of Christ again if we could do this and then keep that cloak of privacy around that sacred trust.

...and for no reason break it.


Alida said...

it is a blessing and a huge ministry...it is sad that this doesn't happen more. I would love to be able to truly share my heart with a sister in Christ and know that it won't go any further than her ears and heart.

Animal lover said...

Hey Crickl, waz up? Could you do me a favor and force Maggie to read my blog? I wrote a bit on what I thought about the book she made me borrow. She might be interested...

-Plink. (or Kate)