December 23, 2010

Sister Day 2010

My girls like to do something special together at the holidays, so yesterday was Sister Day. No one else was invited. In the afternoon they went ice skating (and since I wasn't invited, there are no pictures...sad) and I made them a nice dinner followed by an evening show downtown of the Nutcracker Ballet.

They got all dressed up and when I went to take a picture, they all just stood there (probably tired from ice skating). So without saying a word, I just started clicking one picture after another and this is what happened:


joannmski said...

Hilarious! They are gorgeous and looks like it is great to be one of the jr crickl sisters. Merry Christmas!

Animal lover said...

A comment from the I-know-this-is-late-for-this-post peanut gallary:

I'm impressed you got them all to stand still for so long!
Oh, and I also like how Emma is the only one who wears the sneakers (keep it up Emz).

Chatcha later!