December 16, 2010

I hear rustling....

Every time I walk by our Christmas tree, I think of this verse that I found a few years ago....

Do you hear the rustling? Listen closely...

the heavens
be glad, and the 
earth rejoice! Let the sea 
and everything in it shout his 
praise! Let the fields and their crops
burst out with joy! Let the trees of the 
forest rustle with praise before the Lord
for he 
is coming!
Psalm 96:11-13


Anonymous said...

Oh Crickl, that reminded me of when we were first married and only had a couple of ornaments for our real (cheap) tree. We did buy a string of lights, and we made ornaments out of a roll of aluminum foil and strung popcorn and cranberries all around the tree. Every time I walked past the tree I would hear it rustle, adn then we noticed the popcorn was disappearing and it was more of a crunch crunch crunch, than a rustling. We had two little mice living in the tree and feasting on the popcorn. I didn't have the heart to trap them, but I think they went out to the curb with the tree after Christmas. thanks for that memory, BJ

crickl's nest said...

You always have hilarious stories, BJ! A tragic story was on the news as I read this and I burst out laughing. Oh well. lol