April 29, 2010

The full moon and the bouncing stars

Last night there was a beautiful, huge full moon. We took James home. He is from Liberia, Africa and he said they loved full moons there. People come out of their home in the evening and go around visiting each other. This is unusual because it is usually pitch dark there in the evenings....no street lights or house lights, just maybe a candle inside or a fire outside. It was a good memory for him.

As we turned on to our neighborhood street we were greeted with bouncing star-like lights coming down our street....highly unusual.  As we got closer, we realized it was lots of people jogging down the street with headlamps on. lol LOTS of people....maybe 40 or so by the time I stopped watching them.  A group of them had stopped where a street comes into ours at a T intersection and they were drawing something on the ground with chalk....a big circle with direction I think.

My first thought was that they were playing Cops and Robbers. My kids play this, but not in our neighborhood.....too close to the real thing here. But when I asked one of them what they were playing, he called out, "Just enjoying a run.....and beer!" hmmm I had to look it up. So I googled headlamps, run, chalk drawings.

They are 'Hashers'. I won't link to their sight because besides running and drinking (they end the run at a club or bar), they do a lot of off color talking on their website and do a lot of hooking up, if you know what I mean. And I think you do, so no need to mention specifics.

Apparently the full moon and for some reason Wednesdays in particular are the days to hash around town. It is a nation wide organization. (I need to just put a stop to this curiosity sometimes. Now I will be suspicious of people with headlamps.)

I think Geo-caching (also a sort of secret society of people with adventurous spirits)  is a lot more tame and family friendly (and you can wear headlamps to do this too!). But I did learn something new....to me.


joannmski said...

Wow! That is something very interesting. I would have been a little wacko if I saw a troop of people with headlamps on in the street.

Around here, they have zombies. Tons of people dress up as zombies and go walking around together.

standing10:13 said...

I have been geo-catching with a friend of mine. It is super fun, and a good activity. :)

Kirsten & Chris said...

In your search, did you run across the name Christopher McDougall and his book, "Born to Run". My sister told me about this. She said, the book at least, is the true story of this tribe of Mexican runners who drink beer, eat corn and then challenge each other to races that last for two days. They are a people of isolation, insane athleticism, health and happiness. She didn't say anything about "hashing", though.

(You may or may not have figured it out - I found your site b/c I'm a PW. And now my identity is no longer secret)

crickl's nest said...

Kirsten, well I don't know which one you are, so you are still anonymous! =)

I didn't do much research, I just googled it and was satisfied when I found the hasher explanation. The is interesting that it may have roots in some ancient foreign culture though. LOL Thanks!

AussieMaz said...

Whatever did we do before Google? Oh how ignorant we must have been!

Google is my friend.