November 2, 2009

Stuff I like

*I got a job! Since being laid off last May, I have had not a whiff of a job lead until now. My daughter Beth emailed me a job posting (she does the job postings for her office at a college where she works) for a preschool assistant job. It was part time but with the potential of being closer to full time by January. I applied and took in my application, was asked to come back that afternoon for an interview and she hired me on the spot! It turns out that I'll be 8-11am until December when I will be working 8-3pm. Yeah, I thought it was really part timey and it turned into more hours than I had last year, but God knows what we need and hopefully it will really help with 3 girls in college next year!

*One of the blogs I read is Stuff Christians Like. Very funny, kinda snarky and always easy to identify with and makes you laugh at yourself....or your church. Today's blog post almost made me choke when I saw it. SO funny and something that drives me crazy!

*I also got my coupon for my new crockpot and ice cream today! Thank you e-mom for the wonderful gift! (it is for pastor appreciation month) You are a blessing!


joannmski said...

Yahoo!!! So happy about the job! (and the crock pot). I liked that post too. ;-)

e-Mom said...

Three girls in college... ouch! So pleased you found a job!

I enjoy Stuff Christians like too!

And have fun with your new crockpot, Christie...

Hugs, e-Mom :~D