September 9, 2009

Lost dog found!

I got a call from my sister this morning. She and her husband were driving on a mountain road (by Woods Canyon Lake area) and found a lost, emaciated chocolate lab. They were comforting her and feeding her beef stew as she called. So she wanted me to look up lost dogs on the internet. Instead I found the ranger station number up there and she called that. I got a call back after about 10 minutes that they did have a report of a chocolate lab lost in that area THREE WEEKS ago! That is an awfully long time for a dog to go without it's mom and dad. I don't think mine would have survived.

She called the owner's number and he thought it sounded like his dog. So she took it's picture and sent it to him on his cell phone. He was elated because it was his dog....minus about half it's body weight from the looks of it. When I called back to see if it was the right owner, my brother in law answered and told me my sister was on the phone crying with the owner and his voice started to crack too. It was a happy moment. They are making arrangements to get her back to her owner, who lives about 5 hours from the spot where the dog was found. I guess she ran off while they were camping up there and then she came back to the area and hung around there for 3 weeks. So sad!

Another cool thing was that my sister and brother in law were calling her Shadow because their border collie, who died this year, was named Shadow. When she asked the owner her was Shadow! Amazing and kind of bittersweet for them.

So yes, as well as being a currently unemployed stay at home mom, I help reunite stray animals with their loved ones.

All in a day's work, I say.


joannmski said...

Aw!!! That is really sweet!!

e-Mom said...

Love to hear good news like this! "Shadow" eh? What a coinkydink. :~D

Sparky said...

How great is that! I'd hope someone would go that far to reunite Pudgy with me if he were lost. : )

Tanya said...

That is so sweet.

Alida said...

Awesome!! What a great day it must have been for the owner and that poor, tired, and hungry pup!

Amber@alittlemorecrazythancool said...

What a sweet story! A similar thing happened to a dog of mine when I was little! Poor pups! Glad they were reunited!