May 23, 2009

This wild, crazy life

Well I had my little dose of adrenaline for the day and a few more gray hairs. It seems to be the daily thing now. We were visiting with Phil and Jackie in the hospital when I got a call and it was the border police on the US side. At first I was jolted, thinking Bethany had been in an accident or something had happened to her, so that was the first thing out of my mouth. "Is my daughter okay???" He said, "well she's crying but she's okay I guess." I was like, "Why? what happened?" Apparently he thought I knew. I couldn't stop shaking for over an hour. Here's the story....

She was pulled over while crossing the border on the way home from a mission trip to Naco, Mexico where they were visiting at an orphanage. The border police noticed that her truck had a stolen truck's license plate on it!! This is a common crime here. A thief will steal a car, then find a car that is a similar make and switch license plates with it. So you are driving around with a stolen plate and they are driving around scot free until you finally notice your license plate is different. So she's been there for a few hours. First she had to be cleared of suspicion, and now she is waiting to get a temporary license plate in order to drive home. Thankfully her college group is there waiting with them to escort them home again.

Life has just gotten this wild, crazy element to it lately that I am going to have to learn to deal with better. I feel like it takes years off my life each time something traumatic happens.

Hannah called today too and is doing well. She is liking living in a 'little cabin in the woods'. =)


KQ said...

Christie, when life gets crazy, it can take your breath away, can't it?

Try this: Remember who is walking with you. And try to take time to ... just... breathe ... once in a while, too.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to leave a comment - but I'm learning, maybe you'll get this and maybe no. Love, Mom