May 22, 2009

My very long quick update


Hannah is in Alaska. She left me a long voicemail gushing about how beautiful it was, how cute the cabins are (where they are staying) and that she liked where she was going to work. The boss is very low key, hippie type of Christian. *dude* She is so in heaven.

Bethany gets home from her mission trip to Mexico tomorrow afternoon. She went on Spring Break with a college group to help work on dorms for an orphanage there and to play with the children. So this is a follow up trip just to focus on the children. She is in heaven loving on those kids.

Emma is finishing up her junior year. She's learning not to stress out about her end of the year schoolwork. Last year she was beside herself. Right now she is at a going away party for a Russian foreign exchange student who is in her second hour. And she herself leaves in a week for the summer. She is on a team of high school and college kids who will help and actually lead weeks of VBS at different churches and will also help at two different weeks of kids' camp. She will be in heaven too, starting a busy, exciting summer.

I'm so proud of my kids for serving like they do. Something definitely went right in that department!

Jobbish update....I've got to apply for unemployment next week. Weird feeling. These last days of school are just feeling weird too. Today during an assembly, our class was standing right behind the front row of folding chairs and a little girl in the middle of a row of 27 kids fainted and landed, throat first on the chair rung in front of her. It was a horrendous feeling, we could not get to her because the kids all swarmed around her. She started having convulsions while lying there, her throat still on the chair rung. Some adults got to her and she was swiftly taken to the nurse's office. She was okay when I had to leave her, but it was a traumatic experience for all of us. It's been a long day in general at the school with kids who were more wound up than was good for any of our mental states. I was so glad when Charles took Emma and Maggie golfing for 9 holes after school. I had some time to myself. So I trimmed the dog half way. LOL She looks funny, but it'll wait for a day until I can get to the rest of her. And now for the rest of the dog THREE.

Someone stop the world for a few minutes? I need to catch up!

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