July 1, 2008

Lions and tigers and chairs, oh my!

The mission team is spending their last day in Africa today. After a day of rest and hunting with our missionary there, today they are in Johannesburg, South Africa. And they are going on an official safari! I am so excited for them. I do not think there will be another new post on Charles' blog until he gets home unless the hotel there has a computer and he thinks to use it.

I'm thinking he will too incredibly, stupendously, outrageously excited about the safari to use the computer.

As for me, Cheryl and I have been spray painting my dining room chairs. They were dark red, so the paint specialist at Walmart strongly suggested an undercoat of primer. We figured that one can of primer would do at least two chairs. Nope. It barely did one chair! So we got two chairs primed with three cans of primer. I did, however, decided pretty firmly on what color to use. More on that later and perhaps a photograph.

I'm off to Walmart.

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