July 15, 2008

How could we have known?

On our California trip, we visited a beach in Santa Barbara. We were all relaxing in the sun or under the big umbrella with our eyes closed, when one of us (I can't remember who) told us all to look quick! It was a little sea lion on the beach several yards from us. He was just walking around and trying to climb on these rocks. I sent Hannah over to take these pictures and she stood back from him a few yards while we all oooooed and awwwwed about it.

I saw his mom's head floating above the water, out in the ocean, watching him. People started gathering around him, making him nervous. He was only a little thing, about 2 or 3 feet long. By the time a drunken woman tried to touch him, he made his way quickly back into the water, swimming along the shore. It was only then that a man came by and told us he had just called animal rescue because the back of the seal looked injured.

Poor sea lion! The woman who scared him heard it and jumped into the ocean, trying to 'catch' him and bring him back. Ummm, yeah....that was really strange to watch. Of course she never caught up to him in the least and ended up coming out of the water to cry on the beach.

We didn't know what to do. Everyone should have just left it alone of course. But I found this video on Cuteoverload.com this morning and have to say, this would never have crossed my mind, but these people seem to know what they are doing. ;) So....next time girls.....we'll send Joann out to 'talk' to the wild animal.


Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

I hardly know what to say about this video ... part of me thinks it's hysterical, part of me admires the people who care so much, part of me wonders what the animals are thinking, and part of me thinks, "Is this what I look like with Zoe???" Anyway, glad you had a great experience.

joannmski said...

Is that my tax dollars paying for those people to do that???

m2db said...

Oh what I would give to be one of those people. How cool is that to spend a day on the beach with little baby sea lions crawling all over you!!!

On the other hand I am waitng for the crazy lady to show up on the video. hee hee

crickl's nest said...

Linda, you are so funny....it kinda reminded me of you and Zoe too.

Joann....well since it's in PERU, I'm thinking NOT. heehee

Alena! You left me a comment! I am so bugging you to post more on your blog now....;)

mmichele said...

i like sea lions, and i think they are cute, but aren't they kind of like the rats of the ocean?

e-Mom said...

Santa Barbara...my fav. CA city. That video is awesome! I didn't know those critters could be so tame and friendly. :~D