January 2, 2006

Dreaming of a white Tuesday....

Well we are home now from Oklahoma. It was quite a drive, fighting high winds the entire way across interstate 40 from Oklahoma to Arizona. At times when I was driving, I had the sensation of driving through water, like on top of a wavy lake or ocean because of the wind. We only saw one accident, an overturned semi truck, but I was surprised (and thankful) there weren't more. Hopefully all this wind is bringing that cold/wet front down to us in the parched southwest!!

I'm very glad to be home! The men in our church put in a newly tiled shower stall and toilet in our master bathroom while we were gone. It looks very nice! I got a wild hair tonight and took down all the Christmas decorations. Why I did that tonight after driving all day, I don't know. I'm glad it's done though!

I am going to try something a little intimidating tomorrow. I entered a post in the Carnival on Two Talent Living last week. The carnival theme was the best of 2005, so I just picked one of my best work. But this week, there is a topic that we have to write about to enter the carnival, and it has to be a new piece. So I worked on one to enter all week while in Oklahoma and will post it tomorrow. It is a stretching exercise for me, but I wanted to do at least a couple of these carnival entries to broaden what I write about. I won't do it every time, but will let you know when a post is for the carnival.

Happy getting home and waiting for snow day!

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