December 13, 2005

Scared of Santa

Take a look at The Scared of Santa Gallery ….I knew there was a reason for not taking my kids to sit on Santa’s lap all those years. They will thank me when they see this!

Seriously though, we have some Santa ornaments around, we watch the Miracle on 34th Street and Rudolph, but from day one, I let my children know that Santa was just a make believe game some parents play with their kids, along with telling them why the legend began. I don’t think they suffered at all from it…although I have been chewed out before by Christians who thought I was mean not to let them have a little fun believing in Santa. My kids have never thought it was mean and grew up to be perfectly normal (some may even say above average…ok, well that may just be me) and also to be truth seekers, each with a deep faith in God. I’d rather teach them to have faith about things that are real, rather than possibly confuse them or lose their trust in my truthfulness.

This is not meant to be cynical at all. I respect those who play the game and tell my kids not to ruin the game for other kids. (after all, I grew up slightly normal after believing in Santa) But I did want to let those who might wonder how this approach turned out in case they’re afraid to be mean….er, truthful. ;)

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