December 6, 2005

Bustling about

December is a crazy, wonderful month. I love all the festivities and busyness of the season, buying people gifts and celebrating. We are trying to spend most evenings at home and enjoy our family more this year. It has to be a conscious effort for us because there are so many things to do! I hope to have no regrets about how I spent the season of the Incarnation celebration. ;)

Things that I’m spending time on lately:

My inbox: My email box has been FULL almost every day the past couple of weeks…not from lots of people….but from 4 people who are driving me crazy! My 3 sisters and my grown up neice! We write these group emails when we’re planning something (currently our family Christmas weekend the 16-17th) and everyone has to ‘reply all’ to all of them. By the time the day is over, I could have up to 15-20 emails….each one growing longer because no one erases all the other replies! It’s crazy….but then it wouldn’t be us if it wasn’t crazy….at least it wouldn’t be them if it wasn’t crazy! LOL

Cooking: I am hosting my daughters and their teenaged friends for gingerbread guy decorating on Saturday. Click here to see last year's creations. We had pirate guys, island guys, guys in tuxedoes (Nate Sallie), santa guys, a creature from the Black Lagoon guy, Spiderman guy, and lots of other cute cookies including a gingerbread girl in a swimsuit, ankle bracelet and lei from Hawaii. I will post pics when we're done of the surviving gingerbread guys and girls. (Some don't survive until picture time, losing limbs and heads, eventually succumbing to cannibalistic teenaged girls.)

Taxi service: Mom's taxi service is roaring with business lately! I'm glad the girls have so many fun and wholesome activities, but I can't wait til my 15 year old gets her license and can run some errands for me! (January 25 she turns 16!) The big attraction lately? Our town has just finished an outdoor ice skating rink downtown! I hope to have pics of this soon too.

Shopping: can't tell! *wink wink, nudge nudge* =)

Projects: Working on a project for my parents for Christmas….I can tell you because they do not know how to look at a computer screen! My sister has been telling my Mom about my blog for a while now and she was all sad because she ‘can’t’ read it…I will clarify so you don’t think I have an illiterate mother. She thinks it’s too hard to learn to use the internet. Silly people. So I am making a notebook with all my blog posts from this last year. Converting it to Word and adding and resizing all the pictures took hours. It is 178 pages long on Word! It is also taking hours upon hours to print because our main computer, which is connected to the printerrrrrrrrr, keeps crashing….right now, it’s about every 25 pages. It ain’t fun people. I may have a permanent twitch developing.

I also need to finish my youngest daughter’s Christmas stocking. I made each of my 3 older daughters these nice counted cross-stitch stockings that hang proudly each year, displaying intricate counting and stitching abilities and the love of a Mom who had the time to go through all that work for them. I had each of their stockings finished and hanging up by their second Christmases. Maggie’s is still in process…and she is 8 years old. You cannot imagine the guilt I feel when we decorate the house each year and she has a store-bought red fuzzy stocking, while the other sisters all have cute homemade stockings. =(

Homeschooling: We are trying to catch up from the time I was gone to Israel and the time we have goofed off doing Christmas things.

Focus: We are focusing on gratitude in our devotional times. It has been wonderful. I am so unorganized that this November devotional idea came a month late. Good (or God?) timing though! It's a perfect thing to focus on in December. Our main theme is from an article in the November issue of HomeLife magazine. Contentment is acheived from a heart that focuses on gratitude for what we have...instead of focusing on what we do not have. More later on this!

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