November 28, 2005

Which Jane Austen character are you?

I took my three older daughters to see the new Pride and Prejudice last week, the first day it was out. We are quite the Jane Austen fans. My oldest daughter raved about it and wants to see it over and over. I think I prefer the story told in the more lengthy five hour A&E production. I love the story and since we have four girls, there is a lot of material to use from it for teasing or quoting.

One of my favorite parts is the scene where Mrs. Bennet wants Jane to ride a horse to Mr. Bingley’s house because it looks like rain and she will have to stay the night.

Jane Bennet: May I have the carriage, father?
Mrs. Bennet: The carriage? No indeed! You must go on horseback for it looks like rain. Then you will have to stay the night!
Jane Bennet: Mother!
Mrs. Bennet: Oh, why do you look at me like that? Would you go all the way to Netherfield and back without seeing Mr Bingley? No indeed. - You will go on Nelly, that will do very well, indeed.

Tsk, tsk….anything to marry off her daughter to a rich man. I hope I don’t ever have to come to such desperate measures to get rid of mine…lol.

Today, while browsing some new-to-me blogs, I found this Jane Austen quiz on Gentle Art of Learning.

I’m glad I came out as one of my favorite characters…although I don’t know how true it is…

You are Emma, you like to talk of gossip and want
to be the center of attention...these are not
bad qualities because you genuially care about
everyone around you but are oblivious to what
is going on in your own life...

Which Jane Austen Character Are You?
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Some favorite scenes:

[Talking about Mrs. Elton]
Emma: She'd never seen him before, and she called him Knightley!
Harriet: I saw her at church. She seemed...
Emma: Vulgar? Base? Conceited? Crass? She actually seemed pleased to discover that Mr. Knightley was a gentleman. I doubt he'll return the compliment and find *her* a lady. She proposed that we form a *musical club*. Is it possible that Mr. Elton met her while doing charitable work in a mental infirmary?
Emma: There is only one thing to do with a person as impossible as she.
Harriet: What?
Emma: I must throw a party for her. Otherwise everyone will feel at once how much I dislike her.

[In the middle of a heated discussion, Emma tries to change the subject]
Emma Woodhouse: Did I mention we are having a new drain installed?

Maybe it’s a little true…heh.

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