November 27, 2005

Order shmorder
My daughter, Hannah, drives by this flamingo every day on her way out of her housing tract. It is a unique flamingo in that it wears costumes. She said every month or season she has lived there, this pink bird sports different costumes. For October he was dressed as a witch, now for Thanksgiving, it is dressed as a turkey. I was with her when she showed me the turkey suit and I laughed so hard, she took a picture of him. I will keep you updated on his changing looks.

I was trying to find a certain post, a recipe, on my blog today and realized I needed to organize a little bit. I have begun the process of putting the posts in catagories. Right now, I only have the topics of Recipes and To Israel 2005, but soon I will add more. The posts people ask me about or comment on most are also listed in the left column.

I hope to put up a lot of recipes for the Christmas season, so stay tuned.

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